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Friends of Morphic
Last updated at 8:38 pm UTC on 19 June 2007


Friends of Morphic is a casual grouping of people interested in the use, improvement, and understanding of Morphic.

Current Guidelines:

Friends of Morphic are self appointed. You are if you say you are.
To join post an self introduction to the morphic list.
Post the detailed stuff to Morphic list cc what needs general attention to squeakdev.

All levels of interests welcome. Semi-dormant interest as well as active coders.
Storys welcome. Often" I wish Morphic could do ..." stories prove helpful and inspirational.
Edgar helped create MixedMorphs by asking for them.

There seem to be two natural time scales. Near term and long term. Near term is focused on what can we do with what is present to make it better. The idea here is small repairs and small steps. Some of this will change behaviors. Other repair steps may be strict refactorings to make what is being done cleaner or simpler.

Far term includes what can morphic be in the future. What is desirable. Of the different branches out there which have the most vitality and promise for the future. And which might be dead ends. And what constitutes valid criteria for judging between the two.

The inbetween thoughts are how to get thar from here. How can the long term stuff be broken up into shorter term goals. And how do we create stuff we can play with to see if our visions will fly.