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Pier Installer script
Last updated at 2:06 pm UTC on 28 September 2007
This installer script takes a clean 3.9 image and does a full installation of Pier with no questions asked. In the end you get a small popup that informs you about the URL of the Pier app. The Pier package is taken from SqueakMap, it is a stable version. Other needed packages (Seaside etc) are loaded automatically. You get:
I tested with 3.9-final-7067.image. – Matthias Berth
"Bootstrap the Installer"
MczInstaller installStream: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/Installer/Installer-Core-kph.98.mcz' asUrl retrieveContents contentStream.

Installer installUrl: 'wiki.squeak.org/squeak/PierInstallerScript'.


"Watch packages loading."
Transcript open.

"Update SqueakMap list from network"
SMSqueakMap default loadUpdates.

"*** Install Pier "
repository := Installer squeakmap project: 'Pier'.

"Now some answers for the installation questions"

answer: '*install*Kom*' with: true;
answer: '*install Seaside*' with: true;

answer: '*username*config*' with: 'admin';
answer: '*password*' with: 'seaside';

answer: '*create*Seaside*application*' with: true;
answer: '*port number*' with: '9090';

answer: '*install*Scriptaculous*' with: true;
answer: '*install*RSS*' with: true;

answer: '*name*Pier*kernel*' with: 'Pier';
answer: '*entry point*' with: 'pier'.

repository install: 'Pier'.