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(obsolete) Effort to relicense Squeak
Last updated at 6:56 pm UTC on 5 August 2017
This page is very obsolete; the Squeak licensing 'issue' was solved. Squeak 4.0+ is now properly accepted as open source and is a member project of the Software Freedom Conservancy

Here is collected information regarding the code change and how to handle it for the incoming Squeak 3.10.

The effort as of Feb, 2009

Squeak 4.0 is to be a release of Squeak with minimal changes from Squeak 3.10.2 but with no content not licensed under either MIT or the Apache License. Many people have contributed to this effort including Yoshiki Ohshima and Matthew Fulmer.

This page is the root of some in-process work on this project stored (at least temporarily) on this site.

(obsolete) Relicense Tracking

Old info:

The methods to change

Here follows the method names with the initial of the last author. Please edit it as soon as you have updated information!

Proposed method packages

Here will be proposed method packages to share the workload regarding the code to update/rewrite.

Useful tools/pages