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Squeak OpenDBX plugin
Last updated at 4:46 am UTC on 13 April 2008


Esteban Lorenzano (Google Account: estebanlm)

Project Outline

Technical Details

Benefits to the Student

The student will learn the insides of FFI.
Göran Krampe: It may be wise to make it a plugin instead, not sure, but maybe.

Benefits to the Community

The results of this work will enable the comunity to interact with major data base engines using an Open Source library.
Göran Krampe: I agree, I have been thinking and looking at these libraries (opendbx, libdbi etc) earlier too.
Milan Zimmermann OPenDBX is not supported on Windows, which seems a big hole in platform support. I have 2 questions, is there any similar library that does also supports Windows, and what is the benefit of OpenDBX compared to ODBC?