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Magma Release Lifecycle
Last updated at 4:26 am UTC on 20 September 2016
This page explains the process by which improvements to the Magma software are delivered.

There are usually just two versions of Magma, the latest stable release and "head". Stable is usually an older version that may have undergone more testing and is one-click installable from SqueakMap. However, often the head release has fixes that the "stable" release doesn't have. Generally, both are stable, however the head release might, for example, be in a new Magma file-format, so it is important to keep the prior stable legacy version too.

Each set of improvements are posted to the squeaksource repository during the iteration lifecycle. Later, when a sufficient number of improvements have accumulated, a new release is posted to the same squeaksource repository with configuration scripts available on SqueakMap and here.