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SqueakDBX - Getting started
Last updated at 10:04 pm UTC on 16 March 2009
Using SqueakBDX is fairly easy and pretty straight forward: Connect to your database, send your query, retrieve the result sets and process the row values. After you've done that you can continue to send queries. If you've finished your job, you have to disconnect from the database and clean up all resources.

Sometimes you might get an error somewhere, which you will be informed by DBXError. This error can be produced by SqueakDBX, OpenDBX or database client library.

There are also other things, like special options, that we will see later.

Read these following links in order.

  1. SqueakDBX - Dealings with connections
  2. SqueakDBX - Special options
  3. SqueakDBX - Execute any SQL query
  4. SqueakDBX - Retrieving and processing results
  5. SqueakDBX - Mapings from String to specific squeak types in selects
  6. SqueakDBX - Transaction support
  7. SqueakDBX - Error handling
  8. SqueakDBX - Logging and profiling