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SqueakDBX - FAQ
Last updated at 4:04 pm UTC on 7 May 2009
1) By using FFI it locks the VM and serializes all the requests through a single pipe allowing a long running query to block all other queries essentially freezing the VM?

No. See SqueakDBX - Architecture and desing (External call implementation)

2) I get the error 'unable to find function address' what can I do?

See SqueakDBX - Compiling and installing OpenDBX (OpenDBX and FFI)

3) Which version of openDBX I have to use?

See class OpenDBX, class method called currentOpenDBXVersion that tells you which version you must use. In addition, you can see SqueakDBX - ChangeLog information.

4) When trying to download SqueakDBX from Monticello I have a sintax errror: OpenDBXUnix api calls apiBind: handle database: databaseName name: userName password: password method: method.

You haven't installed FFI. You must install it before installing SqueakDBX. See SqueakDBX - Installation

5) I get an error DBXTypeNotSupported. What does it mean?

That you are using a SQL type that is not supported for the backend you are using. See SqueakDBX - Mapings from String to specific squeak types in selects (What happen if you are retrieving a row that has a not supported field)