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Squeak Leadership Team 2009 Election
Last updated at 10:00 am UTC on 9 March 2009
Election leader 2009: Göran Krampe

For this year we had 461 authorized voters, but only 432 ballots were sent out due to bounces. Of the 432 ballots sent 188 voted, that gives us about 43% voting (last year we had 40% voting, 178 votes). But in 2007 we had 45% voting, although fewer authorized voters and fewer voters.

The leadership team for 2009-03-08 - 2010-03-08 is presented below. The order reflects the ranking from the election:

  1. Andreas Raab
  2. Bert Freudenberg
  3. Craig Latta
  4. Randal L. Schwartz
  5. Ken Causey
  6. Igor Stasenko
  7. Jecel Assumpcao Jr

And thus the candidates left out are the following (also in ranked order):

  1. Matthew Fulmer
  2. Edgar J. De Cleene
  3. Brent Pinkney
  4. David Mitchell

Noteworthy is that Craig, Bert, Randal and Igor thus will serve one more year, with new blood added in the form of Ken, Jecel and Andreas.

Detailed result can be seen at:



Candidates (alphabetically)

Posts (chronological)


The schedule and process is as follows:

Voter list

If you were invited to vote last year you are already on the list, no worries! If you are a new Squeaker, read on. (If you don't recall if you are on the list - we will try to get it up here somehow without attracting spammers :))

Earlier we used a website with a trust system to figure out who could vote. This year that website is not available anymore (people.squeakfoundation.org) so we will do it more "manually" this year. In order to get onto the voter list do ONE of the following:

When the voting period starts all voters will receive an email with instructions and a link to the voting website.