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Morph saveOnFile
Last updated at 5:09 am UTC on 4 February 2019
The instance method #saveOnFile is implemented in class Morphic and allows any instance of Morph or a subclass to be saved in a file together with its submorphs.

The file extension is '.morph'.

Such a file may be dropped onto the desktop of a target image and will be reloaded there.


The method uses a SmartRefStream to do the serialization.

First the method calls for all morphs


After having obtained the file name the following method is called:


 saveOnFileNamed: filenameString
	"Save myself on a SmartRefStream file.  Writes out the version and class structure.  
        The file is fileIn-able.  UniClasses will be filed out."
	| fileStream |
	fileStream := FileStream newFileNamed: filenameString asFileName.
	fileStream fileOutClass: nil andObject: self.	"Puts UniClass definitions out anyway, and closes the stream."



Loading a morph

Morph class fromFileName:
How to save and load a Morph


If there are problems with loading the save morph file into an image with a higher update number it might be necessary to update a copy of an image first before saving the morph
See How to update a Squeak 5.1 image to the most recent trunk version