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[SF] Use cases
Last updated at 11:16 pm UTC on 31 March 2015
When using the SmallFaces widgets your main tasks will be:

However, if you want to understand better the toolkit capabilities and/or build your own controls, this is a table of use cases for the SmallFaces classes.
Subclasses fromCan be rootAllows #call: and #answerAllows #addSubpane and #paneNamed:Must register as childrenMust redefine #renderContentOn:Goals
WASmallfacesCompositeYesYesYesYesYesApplications, Examples, Suport #paneNamed:, #addSubpane:
SFComponent/SFObjectNoNoNoNoYesVery general widgets
SFCompositePaneNoNoYesNoNoComposite widgets, User widgets
SFLayoutPaneNoNoYesNoNoComposite widgets with layouted supanes
WASmallFacesRegistryYesYesNoYesYesRegister #children widgets with #register: and #unregister:
SFMorphNoNoNoNoYesWidgets with basic visual setting
SFAbstractWidgetNoNoNoNoYesWidgets, State and Basic event support + SFMorph
SFLabelLayoutWidgetNoNoNoNoNoWidgets with layouted labels + SFAbstractWidget
SFAbstractTextNoNoNoNoYesWidgets which contain text + SFLayoutPane
SFCollectionViewNoNoNoNoYesWidgets which contain items + SFLayoutPane