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Squeak 4.2
Last updated at 6:53 pm UTC on 1 March 2011

Release Date

February 4th, 2011.

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Release notes

VM Tasks

Description Possible Resources Notes
Refactor VM source base to make objectMemory an instVar. Eliot Miranda?
Merge some, not necessarily all, improvements made to standard VM since 3.9-7 into new VMDavid Lewis?
Merge new Cog primitives (mirror prims, mutex prims, 64-bit time prims, doNamedPrim, etc) into Interpreter Eliot Miranda?
Merge Cog platform float order into Interpreter Eliot Miranda?
Merge stdio support into VM trunk Eliot Miranda
Merge Linux platform sourcesIan Piumarta?
Merge Windows platform sourcesAndreas Raab?
Merge Macintosh platform sourcesJohn McIntosh?
Improve error message associated with attempting to run an older image on the Cog VM.Andreas
Finalization improvementIgor Stasenko
Better compatibility between Cog and non-Cog images and VM'sDavid Lewis
OSProcess issues (stdOut, stdErr)
Verify Linux platforms:
—> Red Hat
—> Ubuntu
—> Other?
Organize VM Build systems? (two)

Development Image Tasks

Description Possible Resources Notes
Integrate Cryptography Rob Withers, Chris Muller
Documentation ?
PackageOrganizer default unregisterPackageNamed: #FlexibleVocabularies
Fix pretty print bug (duplicating comments) Chris Muller
Replace #selectedMessageIndex, et al with #selectedMessage in the browsers Chris Muller
Integrate new O-Completion
Make a new ReleaseBuilder method?
How does SystemVersion get updated?

Core Image

Will we have a core image 4.2?

Improvements for 4.2 (for release notes)


Standard Interpreter

Stack Interpreter