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Magma releases
Last updated at 4:06 pm UTC on 29 July 2015

Current Release

Magma 1.4 released on December 28th, 2012

Magma 1.4 brings heightened levels of stability, robustness and performance over its predecessor. Applications just run better, faster, with better memory management, usability and performance. The change-log has all of the gory details.

Magma 1.3 released on December 8th, 2011

The WriteBarrier is now on by default, so nothing needs to be done to enjoy the speed up.

Magma 1.2 released on April 19th, 2011

Previous Releases

Magma 1.1r2, released July 29th, 2010

repository directory, to indicate the repository is open. The file is
deleted when the repository is closed gracefully. This is intended to
help protect from accidentally letting two OS processes open the same
repository files.
that it inherits the properties of Magma's LargeCollections, such as
size and concurrency.
the "-vm-display-null" option.
domains may signal new ReadStrategies to any listening sessions.
location and, if so, use that one. Otherwise, create and answer a new one.
references to arguments, not "self", any instVars or globals).
depending on whether the new Weak-Finalization mechanism from Igor is

Magma 1.1r1, released on April 20th, 2010

Squeak 3.10 and 3.9). Loads into all images cleanly, with no more
warnings in Pharo.
can't be used, just don't rather than intrude on the user.
backup on the server in the same directory as the existing repository,
but named with its commitNumber as an extension. This is useful
insurance for when you're about to run, say, a domain migration
can be written to to signal MagmaSessionRequests without having to
load all of the packages associated with Magma.
distribution of keys and number of duplicates, for optimizing indexes.

Magma 1.0r44, released on March 3rd, 2010

- Made several HA fixes and improvements, many identified by Bart
Gaquie by testing with more than a two-server Magma Node. Many thanks
Fraction instead of a reduced one. This convey's more information;
since the denominator represents the total number of elements in the
final result. Thanks again to Bart Gauqie.
well-behaved application much freer access to the "luxury" query
features of MagmaCollections. It is essential for applications
employing luxury query features of Magma for ad-hoc querying, to
  1. release the Reader returned from the query so that resources on the
server can be freed.
and grow..
never been set (new repository) or was a different local location,
then update it to the new aMagmaLocalLocation. If it was formerly a
network-hosted server, do not update since we could be here simply
just for re-opening that repository. So, to go from a remote
repository to a local one, you have to manually update the node's
since it is sometimes checked for special-purpose server housekeeping.
  1. sortBy:makeDistinct:descending:.