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Squeak Oversight Board Election 2012
Last updated at 9:13 pm UTC on 20 April 2012
Election leader 2012: Göran Krampe


For this year we ended up with 468 authorized voters of which 119 voted. that gives us about 25% compared to 30% last year and 38% in 2010. Of the 468 ballots sent 53 could not be delivered.

The leadership team for 2012-04-20 - 2013-04-20 (approximately) is presented below. The order reflects the ranking from the election using the default Condorcet completion rule (Beatpath/Schulze/CSSD) as customary but all the rules actually give the same top 7 choices in the same order:

1. Bert Freudenberg
2. Craig Latta
3. Colin Putney
4. Chris Muller
5. Randal Schwartz
6. Levente Uzonyi
7. Chris Cunnington

And thus given the fact we only had 8 candidates this year Edgar De Cleene is the one getting left out.

I salute you Edgar for running - without more than 7 candidates this election lacks credibility and this year it was darn close. Thank you.

This means that Bert, Colin, Chris, Randal, Levente and Chris Cunnington will be serving one more term together with Craig Latta replacing Jecel Assumpcao.

Detailed result can be seen here.

Thank you all for this year's election and thank you Jecel for serving 2011, as well as all the others of course!

I wish the new SOB good luck and I also would like the board to take a deep hard look at the state of our community and how the process for the election next year is going to look like.

regards, Göran

Candidates (order of announcement)

Posts related to the Election (chronological)


The schedule and process is as follows:

Voter list

If you were invited to vote last year you are already on the list, no worries! If you are a new Squeaker and wish vote do ONE of the following: