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Twitter-CLDR-rb library
Last updated at 2:22 pm UTC on 15 December 2015


TwitterCLDR has methods like this

TwitterCldr::Normalization.normalize("français") # "français"
"Alphabetize a list using regular Ruby sort:"

$> ["Art", "Wasa", "Älg", "Ved"].sort
$> ["Art", "Ved", "Wasa", "Älg"]

Alphabetize a list using TwitterCLDR’s locale-aware sort:

$> ["Art", "Wasa", "Älg", "Ved"].localize(:de).sort.to_a
$> ["Älg", "Art", "Ved", "Wasa"]

See also Twitter CLDR Ruby library

[1] IBM maintains International Components for Unicode (ICU), a library that uses the Unicode Consortium’s data to make it easier for programmers to use.