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Unicode ÷ example
Last updated at 8:47 pm UTC on 19 December 2015
The sequences <o, combining-diaeresis> (NFD) and <÷> are canonical equivalents.

combining diaresis in Normalization test cases
 00F6;00F6;006F 0308;00F6;006F 0308; # (÷; ÷; o◌̈; ÷; o◌̈; ) LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS

This case should not be confused with language-specific collation or matching, which may add other

For example, in Swedish, ÷ is treated as a completely
different letter from o and is collated after z.

In German, ÷ is weakly equivalent to oe and is collated with oe.

In English, ÷ is just an o with a diacritic that indicates that it is pronounced separately
from the previous letter (as in co÷perate) and is collated with o.