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Saving the text of a Workspace to a File
Last updated at 5:57 pm UTC on 2 January 2022
You can save the text content of a Workspace to a file by choosing the workspace menu (from within the workspace), then 'more...', then 'save contents to file...'.

If you work in the Morphic user environment, you can also save the Workspace to a file as a Morph.
Click the meta-mouse-key (the one that brings up halo's) over a workspace so that halos appear for the SystemWindow (you may have to click a few times). Select the red halo -> debug ... -> save morph in a file. You can later reopen the morph from a filelist.

You can open a file using a fileList, and cut and paste into that. But you wanted a better solution than that, right?

Dan Ingalls suggests working in a fileList instead.

"Another solution to this is to work in a fileList. If you don't like the extra realEstate consumed by the list part, just 'spawn' (cmd-o) the file. A lot of people don't know about this feature of most browsers. In this case, it gives you something as simple as a workspace (without stored variables, it's true), but with file save available. -Dan"