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Last updated at 4:04 pm UTC on 12 January 2022
I support the navigation of the system. I act as a facade but as I could require some state
or different way of navigating the system all my behavior are on the instance side.

 SystemNavigation default

For example if you want to look at all methods you have written or changed in the current image do

 SystemNavigation new browseAllSelect: [ :method |
       method fileIndex > 1 "only look at changes file"
       and: [ method timeStamp beginsWith: 'your-initials-here' ] ].

Example calls


 SystemNavigation default browseMyChanges

 SystemNavigation default allImplementorsOf: #pointSizes

 SystemNavigation default allCallsOn: #pointSizes

 SystemNavigation new
        browseAllCallsOn: OrderedCollection binding        
        localToPackage: 'Compiler'

See also

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