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AlignmentMorph class hierarchy example
Last updated at 8:30 pm UTC on 27 August 2016
The following AlignmentMorph example needs to be updated for 5.1

<li>Add the following two methods to the class side of AlignmentMorph:

createClassNameMorph: aClass

| d |
d := AlignmentMorph newRow.
d centering: #center.
d color: Color yellow.
d borderColor: Color blue.
d vResizing: #shrinkWrap.
d hResizing: #shrinkWrap.
d addMorph: (StringMorph contents: aClass name).
d openToDragNDrop: true.
createClassHierarchyMorph: aClass
| col d subCls |

d := self createClassNameMorph: aClass.
(subCls := aClass subclasses) isNil ifTrue: [^d] .

col := AlignmentMorph newColumn.
subCls do: [ :aSubclass |  col addMorph: (self createClassHierarchyMorph: aSubclass)].

d addMorphBack: col.
And evaluate:
(AlignmentMorph createClassHierarchyMorph: AlignmentMorph) openInWorld.


(AlignmentMorph createClassHierarchyMorph: BorderedMorph) openInWorld