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Last updated at 11:33 pm UTC on 29 December 2020
Cuis is like Pharo a fork of Squeak. It started from Squeak 3.7.

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Changes for Vector Graphics (3rd August 2020)
History of Cuis

From the README file

What sets Cuis appart from the rest of the Squeak family is that it takes an active attitude towards system complexity:

Unbound complexity growth, together with develpment strategies focused only in the short term, are the worst long term enemies of all software systems. As systems grow older, they usually become more complex. New features are added as layers on top of whatever is below, sometimes without really understanding it, and almost always without modifying it. Complexity and size grow without control. Evolution slows down. Understanding the system becomes harder every day. Bugs are harder to fix. Codebases become huge for no clear reason. At some point, the system can't evolve anymore and becomes "legacy code".

Complexity puts a limit to the level of understanding of the system a person might reach, and therefore limits the things that can be done with it. Dan Ingalls says all this in "Design Principles Behind Smalltalk". Even if you have already done so, please go and read it again!