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The leading character indicates the encoding.
Last updated at 10:04 am UTC on 28 January 2017

Name: Multilingual-nice.91
Author: nice
Time: 28 February 2010, 5:13:12.322 pm
UUID: ee7e5bf6-4e65-1c44-8c5c-b574bb6f086b
Ancestors: Multilingual-ul.90

Let Unicode leadingChar be encoded 0 instead of 255.
According to proposal at

Warning: this causes a minor bug for A macron (char value 256 & 257) because of dirty old hack in CompositionScanner
(these vales are hijacked for encoding stopConditions EndOfRun and CrossedX)

=============== Diff against Multilingual-ul.90 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: EncodedCharSet class>>initialize (in category 'class methods') -----
  	self initialize
  	self allSubclassesDo: [:each | each initialize].
  	EncodedCharSets := Array new: 256.
+ 	EncodedCharSets at: 0+1 put: Unicode "Latin1Environment".
- 	EncodedCharSets at: 0+1 put: Latin1Environment.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 1+1 put: JISX0208.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 2+1 put: GB2312.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 3+1 put: KSX1001.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 4+1 put: JISX0208.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 5+1 put: JapaneseEnvironment.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 6+1 put: SimplifiedChineseEnvironment.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 7+1 put: KoreanEnvironment.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 8+1 put: GB2312.
  	"EncodedCharSets at: 9+1 put: UnicodeTraditionalChinese."
  	"EncodedCharSets at: 10+1 put: UnicodeVietnamese."
  	EncodedCharSets at: 12+1 put: KSX1001.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 13+1 put: GreekEnvironment.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 14+1 put: Latin2Environment.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 15+1 put: RussianEnvironment.
  	EncodedCharSets at: 256 put: Unicode.

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Unicode class>>leadingChar (in category 'class methods') -----