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Last updated at 2:15 pm UTC on 20 June 2020
Squeak Inbox is a Monticello repository receiving tentative features or fixes for review and discussion.

The changesets uploaded to this repository are discussed in the mailing lists after which the core developers merge them into the trunk. The proposer may incorporate suggested changes and save the updated changeset. Changesets which are processed (i.e. merged, rejected or replaced by an updated one) are moved into "The Treated Inbox" repository at the same location.

The repository is hosted at Squeak Inbox Project

No registration is required to upload changesets to this repository. Anyone can save changsets from their MC Browser into this repository by following a simple procedure explained in How to contribute to Squeak.

The community model for contributions is explained in https://squeakboard.wordpress.com/2009/07/02/a-new-community-development-model/

How to add the inbox as a repository

In recent versions of Monticello Browser, you can right click on a project name and select "add repository...". Inbox appears as one of the choices.

You can also add the repository manually:

Click on '+Repository'


Choose 'Repository type'


Enter repository details as below and press Accept:
	location: 'https://source.squeak.org/inbox'
	user: 'squeak'
	password: 'squeak'

If you register on https://source.squeak.org/, you can also enter your own credentials in the repository details.

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