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Last updated at 6:25 am UTC on 29 October 2017
A FileChooserDialog is a modal dialog to allow choosing a file. The full file name is returned, or nil if no selection was made.
Users can enter a pattern in the text input field that will be read as a directory path and an optional pattern (see comments about pattern in my superclass) to define the files in the file list.

Normal usage would be
	myFilename := FileChooserDialog openOn: myApplicationDefaultDirectory pattern: '.myapp'
to find a file with a name matching.myapp and with the directory initial choice set to myApplicationDefaultDirectory. It would be quite possible to choose a file from any other directory and with any other pattern match if the user wishes, so the file name must be carefully checked.

Simpler usage might be
	myFilename := FileChooserDialog open
	myFilename := FileChoosverDialog openOn: FileDirectory default	

See the class side methods for details. See my parent class for most implementation details