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Etoys in 2018
Last updated at 12:29 pm UTC on 4 October 2019
This page is intended to list activities and have links to Etoys related activities and plans in 2018. This is the successor page to Etoys in 2017.

This is work in progress. Please edit and contribute ...

There is also wiki page EtoysProject which deals with the current development.

Status of Etoys as of June 2018

These notes are based on a report by Tim Felgentreff sent to the Squeak list on Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 11:09 AM

Further update needs of Etoys code in the trunk

Note about the merge done in 2016

During the merge we took extreme care not to replace classes or methods outright and we manually went through hundreds of methods to manually categorize and merge them in a way that would keep unloading working as much as it did before.

Note about preparing an Etoys image.

TODO : add some background information about the process. Which version of Squeak does it refer to?

Paste more notes here to be edited

What has been accomplished so far (Squeak 5.2)?

In Squeak 5.2 it is possible to do Etoys projects from scratch and also load and run some Etoys projects done in the earlier Squeakland version.
(Etoys) ProjectLoading tests in 5.2
To use Etoys in Squeak you have to turn of the deprecation warnings in the Preference browser.

Class EtoysProject and configuration

The release 5.1 brought a better structure for Project objects. This allows to go for a specially configured EtoysProject subclass of MorphicProject.

An EtoysProject is a project that is configured for running Etoys. On first entry to a new EtoysProject, the playground and project preferences
are initialized to provide an environment similar to that of a traditional standalone Etoys image.

Certain preferences that are required for Etoys are initialized on project entry, overriding their global preference values while this EtoysProject is active. On leaving the project, these preferences are restored to their previous values.

  "ProjectViewMorph openOn: EtoysProject new"

More see this mailing list thread

Description of test cases:

This is work in progress mostly scheduled for 5.3

Etoys on different platforms

Etoys runs on all platforms where Squeak runs.

Etoys on SoaS

Etoys is used on Sugar (SoaS) on a stick (actually the earlier Squeak land version). The current issue is to maintain installation instructions to keep Etoys running platforms such as SoaS.

The way forward for the Squeak release 5.2 ...

Etoys is one of the reasons we do not go for 6.0 but keep it 5.2.

But for 5.2 important Etoys work has been accomplished and it is left with a few things to do to get a better Etoys experience in 5.2

The way forward later (e.g 5.3, 5.4) ...