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Last updated at 8:58 am UTC on 25 September 2019
This is intended as a (2017/2018/2019) SqueakSource project for working out how to structure EtoysProject and get it to open a new project with the familiar playfield.

EtoysProject as a subproject of MorphicProject
     location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/EtoysProject'
     user: ''
     password: '' 

Note about initial change set

Getting started

Load the following or later version
Name: Project-Etoys-dtl.4
Author: dtl
Time: 5 November 2017, 6:17:07.061654 pm
UUID: 5934da89-2c95-4fd8-9034-b4d8a6288f13
Ancestors: Project-Etoys-hjh.3

Then Choose 'Projects' -> new project -> 'EtoysProject'

From within the EtoysProject there is no direct way yet to open a Etoys subproject unless you execute

 EtoysProject openViewOn: nil

in a workspace.

Test case 'Loading a saved project from the Squeakland release'



and drop it onto the desktop.

Going back brings up a deprecation warning but after hitting 'Proceed' the parent project is brought in.

Note about project loading

... We might have some kind of rule in project loading that says "if the current project is an EtoysProject, and if I am loading a theFileName.pr for a MorphicProject, then make it an EtoysProject".

And perhaps when saving a project, we could reverse the rule and always save a project as MorphicProject, because we know that a loader in EtoysProject will know how to do the right thing with it.

Creation of new projects : how should it work?

Idea to simplify the creation of new projects


An alternative to creating a Etoys specific project type is to use a MorphicProject and set the project properties accordingly.

More information about creating a specific project type

Subclassing MorphicProject, TheWorldMenu and PasteUpMorph