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David O'Toole
Last updated at 6:55 pm UTC on 5 January 2022
Hello, World! I am David O'Toole (also known as "dto") and I like to program in Lisp and Smalltalk. I have recently learned Squeak and am having tons of fun exploring the system, helping report bugs, and even submitting a patch or two. My twitter can be found at https://twitter.com/deeteeoh1138 and my gitlab is https://gitlab.com/dto.

I remember reading the Blue Book back in grad school and wishing I could use the live system. While I've messed with Squeak a bit over time, I didn't really delve deep until recently. I'm interested in visual programming and once implemented a simple Morphic clone in Common Lisp. Currently I'm exploring using Sandblocks and will possibly be using it to teach Smalltalk programming to a teenager who has been enthusiastic about MIT Scratch.

My Squeak journey began in earnest in late 2021 when I bought some MIT Scratch books (updated for 3.0) for two youngsters in the family for Christmas. They love Scratch, but I remembered Squeak and showed Etoys to the elder of the two. She was quite intrigued. So I'm building a simple RPG framework she can use to tell stories and have tiny knights battle tiny wizards and dragons, and we'll explore programming Smalltalk together using a combination of the Scratch-like Sandblocks as well as ordinary plaintext editing (to get the flavor of both sides.) In the process of learning Smalltalk I ported a small class (Quadtree-based collision detection) to Squeak and have based the Adventure framework upon that.

I've been experimenting with several other Squeak applications, too: Algernon, Vivide, Morphic Designer, SwaLint, the Git Browser, and started playing with Seaside. I also submitted a small changeset that adds a "jump between projects" command to the Algernon launcher, which has been very useful to me. I have lots of ideas for little things to add here and there, and I'm pretty good at debugging / making bug reports. In these ways I hope to be of service to the Squeak community.

Special thanks to everyone who has so wonderfully welcomed me to the Squeakiverse. I plan to update this page as events warrant.