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Squeak Cookbook
Last updated at 9:15 am UTC on 27 March 2017
This page won't help you learn deep secrets of Squeak. What it will do is provide handy solutions for common problems. This page is just as editable as any other on the Wiki, so feel free to update a recipe or add a new one. If you think something is missing, feel free to add a question without an answer – someone will hopefully come along who can fill in the details.

Please read Squeak Cookbook Style before making significant changes, to see what others were thinking. Of course, feel free to improve on it.

See also: Squeak bons mots, Practical wizardry, ,Göran's Code Snippets Of The Day, and Squeak FAQ


Recipe: How to find out the version of your Squeak image
Recipe: Create a window with scrollable contents

Recipe: How to jump to a project (using Smalltalk code)

Recipe: Delayed execution of some code

Recipe: How to run some Smalltalk code when entering a project

Recipe: How to create a menu with all project names

Recipe: Graphical display of all projects

Recipe: Printing status information from your program

Recipe: Counting elements in a collection

Recipe: How to list all global variables

Recipe: Reading a file

Recipe: How to copy a file

Recipe: Processing each file in a directory with a specific extension

Recipe: Doing something with each line in a file

Recipe: How to get a page from the Internet

Recipe: How to use an IconicButton in Morphic

Recipe: How to Close a Window in Morphic

Recipe: How to implement the Singleton Pattern
see Singleton

Recipe: How to write a launch pad
see The AlignmentMorph (Morphic)
see MVC: one window one button (MVC)

Recipe: How to play a note sequence
see Playing music with note names

Recipe: How to use a Lisp interpreter in Squeak
see Lisp interpreter (old)
see Lisp Interpreter (4.2)

Recipe: Fun with streams

Recipe: Method for making Morphs

Recipe: Postscript support

Recipe: Create a Squeak movie

Recipe: How to implement a List Morph.

Recipe: Creating new fonts

Recipe: Changing scrollbar width

Recipe: Access a JPEG file pixel by pixel

Recipe: Creating a 'jump-to-project' button

Recipe: Saving a file to your computer from the Internet

Recipe: How to create an indented list of the entire class hierarchy?
see Squeak class hierarchy

Recipe: How to get rid of objects that refer to obsolete classes

Recipe: How to use ImageSegments

Recipe: How to add a server to the ServerDirectory list

How to use hypertext in Squeak text

What does a Menu Item Do?

Personalizing the environment: Making Squeak your own

Learning How to Fish

Recipe: How to quote a string when generating HTML?

Recipe: How to select a folder?