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Last updated at 4:50 am UTC on 9 September 2008
Nice fonts (Juan Vuletich)

Bitmap fonts

Squeak primarily uses Bitmap fonts. (called StrikeFonts). "AccuFonts" is an additional package of bitmap fonts.

Windows Native Fonts

Andreas Raab's Win32NativeFonts is now installable from SqueakMap (entry). Despite the system specific name of the package, I'd like to unify font importing and management into this package, possible under the HostFonts class. Or we can choose a better name.

I'm going to turn BDF Fonts For Squeak into a easier to use SqueakMap package. This will supply fonts for all platforms. I'll also try to dust my X11 programming skills to make a Native Fonts plugin. Anybody want to make one for the Mac? - Jeff Sparkes

TrueType fonts

High-quality font support

Fonts and the Squeak license

See: Font-specific License Issues
How can I change or resize fonts?