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Project preferences
Last updated at 10:12 am UTC on 23 July 2018
Projects objects keep a dictionary with Preferences specific for a particular project.

The preferences are set through menu actions or through accessing the dictionary directly with


So for the current project a preference is set with

 Project current projectPreferenceFlagDictionary at: aKeySymbol put: aValue.

for the current project or within initializeProjectPreferences just

 self projectPreferenceFlagDictionary at: aKeySymbol put: aValue.

To get a project preference use

 Project current projectPreferenceAt: aKeySymbol

Custom preferences

You may introduce custom preferences. For example depending on the project you might want a different world menu.

 Project current projectPreferenceFlagDictionary at: #worldMenuClassSymbol put: #TheWorldMenu5.

More see How to create a custom world menu for the current project and subprojects.