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Font size and TextMorph
Last updated at 5:13 pm UTC on 15 May 2017
Question: TextMorph abandons 'Principle of Least Astonishment' I don't know if this is considered a bug. but..
(TextMorph new string: 'Text me!' fontName: 'BitstreamVeraSans' size: 26) openInWorld.
shows the proper font but has font size 11.

Answer: Ned Konz November 02, 2004

 fontOfSize: whatever
will find the closest pixel size to whatever.

If you ask for a 26 pixel tall font (which is what you did), this is going to find the closest available font size to 26 pixels or 19.5 points (26 * 3/4).
Which apparently was the 11 point font you found.

The Squeak 5.1 help menu,'Tools', 'Font size summary' gives you a list of the available font point sizes.