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Squeak Central
Last updated at 3:30 am UTC on 1 June 2005
Squeak Central (a.k.a. SqC) is the nickname for the core Squeak team which formerly maintained the official Squeak releases. Squeak Central includes much of the original Xerox PARC team which invented Smalltalk. Squeak Central is currently made up of Dan Ingalls, Ted Kaehler, Alan Kay, John Maloney, Andreas Raab, Michael Rueger, Scott Wallace, and others.

As of the fall of 2002, the role of Squeak Central relative to the Squeak Community has changed somewhat. See Dan Ingalls on where Squeak is headed.

For more information, see The History of Squeak and Squeak Central project list.

 External Image
The Squeak Central team, from left: Alan Kay, Pat Brecker, Dan Ingalls, Scott Wallace, Ted Kaehler, John Maloney, Kim Rose, and Andreas Raab.