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Aran Lunzer
Last updated at 11:48 am UTC on 26 June 2000
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These days I live in Japan; you can find me at http://ca.meme.hokudai.ac.jp/people/aran/.

(19th Oct 99) Today I've been playing with this page to show someone what this Swiki idea is all about. Suppose I'd better say something interesting now, in case folk come to see what has changed. Ummm...

Well, as it happens the main thing I'm working on these days is the use of Squeak/Morphic to demonstrate "Subjunctive Interfaces". There are a couple of papers on Subjunctive Interfaces - one from IEEE Visualization '98 at http://ca.meme.hokudai.ac.jp/people/aran/subjunk/vis98_abstract.html and a more recent one that appeared in INTERACT '99, at http://ca.meme.hokudai.ac.jp/people/aran/subjunk/int99_abstract.html. Smalltalk is a great environment in which to implement this kind of thing, which basically involves fooling a tool's user interface into running multiple versions of itself to help users explore different possibilities. I hope to be able to distribute a working example soon!