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Benoît St-Jean - Professionnal Information
Last updated at 6:23 pm UTC on 22 November 2004
Started programming in Smalltalk 11 years ago. Worked with ObjectWorks 4.1 (at UQAM.), Visual Smalltalk Enterprise (Marque d'Or), then VisualWorks 2.5 (Interfacing Technologies Corp.), after VisualAge 3.0a (Creative Technologies International and Logisil) and now I'm in love with Squeak. I have worked for Centre des technologies de l'Information (which later became Creative Technologies International) for 4 years as a programmer in IBM VisualAge 3.0 and later ended being an analyst for Logisil. I've also worked as a consultant for IBM doing VisualAge 5.0 at Stelco in Hamilton. Then I worked at Procor and did VisualAge but with Web Connections and came back for IBM at Stelco in Hamilton! Then I went to work for Proxima Systems in Montreal doing some VisualAge and GemStone stuff. After that, I worked on a bug tracker project for LCI and eventually ended up in Cleveland working for Progressive Insurance. Now back in Montreal for a Web/AI related company called Netvention.

Currently working on a chess program named Lamneth entirely written in Squeak. Other fields of interest include parallel architectures and programming, genetic algorithms, simulations, the Orang-Utan chess opening and databases (DB2/2).

Other pet project is a Smalltalk Squeak interface to the Lego MindStorms RCX programmable brick.

Also love baseball (San Francisco Giants), playing bass guitar, playing Realm, playing Strat-O-Matic baseball, reading books and listening to tons of music...

Benoit St-Jean