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(obsolete) Exceptions
Last updated at 10:51 pm UTC on 25 July 2017
Very obsolete; completed in the last millennium...

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guidelines to SqueakCentralProjects (outdated). Thanks.

Could someone at least provide links to the exception change sets?
I have searched the swiki for "Exception" and come up blank.


To provide a general and reasonably standard exception-handling mechanism for Squeak. As of 9/1999 we have installed the 4th Estate package in the Squeak Release.

Items remaining:
Bullet-proofing of ensure: from non-local returns.
Possible MV changes to clean up the implementation of ensure: – ie the current stack-stitching in valueUninterruptably.
J3 interaction is a concern for both the above items.

Estimated completion date:

[DONE] September 1, 1999


[August 8] project declared to exist
[August 13] TFEI exteptions tested with Sq2.5
[Sept 1999] Released with Squeak 2.6


TheFourthEstate, Inc. – base system
Stephen Pope – testing, extensions

Q/A, Integration

John Sarkela
Paul McDonough
Richard Harmon
Stephen Pope
Andreas Raab
Vassili Bykov
Peter Smet
Stephen Pair
Ian Piumarta

General Commentary

A list of items (most recent last) of the form
[8/13, stp] Here's a discussion of potential expeption hierarchies for integrating EH with the system classes. Once we agree on the basic hierarchy, it's not all that hard to put the "raise" calls in the appropriate system class methods and write handlers for the tools and examples.
Exception Hierarchies
In order to prepare for a more sophisticated and better integrated exception system for Squeak, we need to plan what exceptions will be thrown by the system classes.
Anyone is invited to add to this list.
The implementors are free to remove and summarize any items more than two weeks old.