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Name Spaces and Packages
Last updated at 11:16 am UTC on 8 December 1999
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DI had planned to do this, but others in Squeakville have probably had more experience with name spaces and packages. The desire from Squeak Central is to do the simplest thing that provides the major benefits, and tie it in somehow with both the image segment loading facility and the new isolated projects capability.

Estimated completion date: November 1, 1999

[August 8] project declared to exist


Q/A, Integration
Les Tyrrell
Dan Ingalls
Reinier vanLoon
Lex Spoon
Ted Kaehler

General Commentary
A list of items (most recent last) of the form
[date, author] comment
Anyone is invited to add to this list.
The implementors are free to remove and summarize any items more than two weeks old.

[Dec 8 1999, Les Tyrrell] Much of the Oasis prototype is now operational in VisualWorks. This is still a pre-alpha system, but if it were written in Squeak I'd be at a point where I could start sharing code with interested parties. However, you might look at the Oasis wiki to see some of the issues I've encountered during the development of this system. This now gives us at least three and possibly four different attacks on the modularization issue for Squeak, with perhaps 5 or 10 people being fairly familiar with the real issues that come up in building these things. That's a good number, not quite 6 or 7 different approaches ( which I'd prefer ) but a good run at it.

[Oct 13, Peter Novak]
In July we created a Swiki page about our work on this project and our ideas on the field of NameSpaces. If you are interrested in our code, please send us an e-mail.