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Running Squeak on a PDA - space saving issues
Last updated at 1:54 am UTC on 11 March 2007
On the mailing list it was asked how to run Squeak on a PDA especially how to economize on the amount of RAM needed for storing the image and the sources and the changes file.

Dan Ingalls answered that considerable savings are available via source-code management.

If you don't care about comments, you can use

Smalltalk abandonSources

which lets you decompile to get access to source code without any file space needed.

Even if you want full source code with comments, you can use

Smalltalk condenseSources

which reclaims any source code space from methods that have been altered or deleted. this can be a great savings for any system with a large changes file, or where you have deleted a lot of the original full system.

Finally, after condensing, you can also use

Smalltalk compressSources

available from SqueakMap, to reduce the remaining sources file to something like 25% of its uncompressed size.

A test showed that compressSources works, but afterwards loading of other SM entries causes an error message (walkback). hjh, Nov 15, 2003