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Multilingual Squeak version 3.6 - test report
Last updated at 2:39 pm UTC on 25 January 2005
by Boris Gaertner
Mar 23 2003 8:50AM
Updated 5-Dec-2003 hjh for version 3.6

The implementation has changed in version 3.8
Updated 24-Jan-2005 hjh

I installed Multilingual Squeak, and here is my first report about successes and problems:

  1. The instructions on the above mentioned page can be followed without problems.The scripts give class String a new superclass, create a new image and install a lot of code and fonts.
  2. The scripts do not change the menues to Japanese and I really want to encourage all those who found the Nihongo-image difficult to use to try this newest work of Yoshiki-san.
  3. A quick comparision with Nihongo reveals something very exciting: Yoshiki-san has added a framework for Unicode in Squeak that is already elaborated in great detail.

Now a few tips about bringing Unicode in Squeak to life:

Install some fonts (they are in the fonts subdirectory created by the installation program.

 StrikeFontSet installExternalFontFileName: 'cyrillicFont.out' inDir: = (FileDirectory default directoryNamed: 'fonts')  encoding: 
 UnicodeCyrillic leadingChar encodingName: #Cyrillic textStyleName: #DefaultMultiStyle.

 StrikeFontSet installExternalFontFileName: 'greekFont.out' inDir: 
 (FileDirectory default directoryNamed: 'fonts') encoding: UnicodeGreek leadingChar encodingName: #Greek textStyleName: #DefaultMultiStyle.


Do a print-it of the following code:
| st |

 st := WriteStream on: MultiString new.
 st nextPutAll: (#(16r417 16r434 16r440 16r430 16r432 16r435 16r439 16r442 16r435)
                    collect: [:v | UnicodeCyrillic charFromUnicode: v]);
     nextPut: Character space;
     nextPut: Character cr;
     nextPutAll: (#(16r393 16r3B5 16r3B9 16r3B1) collect: [:v | UnicodeGreek charFromUnicode: v]);
     nextPut: Character space;
     nextPutAll: (#(16r3C3 16r3B1 16r3C2) collect: [:v | UnicodeGreek charFromUnicode: v]).
  st contents

  1. A lot of glyphs are still missing. I shall see what I can do to add some glyphs.

>   I really like to improve the system and hope one day we can make the 
> unified version of Squeak which works as a vehicle for the world-wide 
> communication and idea-sharing.  So, feel free to send comment, 
> critic, and of course, code. 
I think I have some stuff that I can contribute, but I have to adapt it
first. (And I have to understand your work a bit better than now -
but time will certainly bring insights).

>   Hopefully, I can set up a update stream for this particular version 
> of Squeak to track the changes we are going to make. 
That would be great!

>   Enjoy and Thank you! 
Thank you to you, Yoshiki!
> – Yoshiki 
 –  Boris