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FAQ: Change Sorters
Last updated at 6:06 pm UTC on 29 October 2017
How do I create separate fileouts for different projects I have going on in my image? What's the best way to save the Squeak code I'm working on to an external file?

Repeat after me: "change sorters are our friends". ;-)
  1. Open up a simple Change Sorter or a dual change sorter. (World menu 'open...' 'simple/dual change sorter')
  2. Create your own ChangeSet (yellow/middle button the change-set list panel (upper-left panel), pick "new change set..." or type "alt-n" with the mouse cursor in the change-set list panel) or use the red/left button to select an existing change set.
  3. Yellow/middle button the change-set list panel and select "make changes go to me", or type "alt-m" with the mouse cursor in the change-set list panel.
  4. You can then move or copy any other methods in other change sets to yours, or fileIn your code, or make a change in your method and accept, or whatever. (All code changes you make in other browser windows will be reflected in this current changeset.)
  5. When you fileout your change set it will contain all the methods you changed or added.
  6. You can also browse the change set, add preambles or a postscript, ...

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