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FAQ: Entry Field in Morphic
Last updated at 11:09 am UTC on 25 August 2017
How can I generate an entry field in Morphic?

If you want to use TextMorph, two very useful methods are
The example below creates a fixed-width entry field in a morphic world:

 tm := TextMorph new.
 tm contentsWrapped: ''; extent: 100@20. "this is the important stuff"

If necessary set a font
 tm beAllFont: ((TextStyle default fontOfSize: 36) emphasized: 1)

 (border _ AlignmentMorph newRow) "this just makes the TextMorph easier =to see"
  position: 200@200;		
  borderWidth: 1;		
  borderColor: Color black;
  hResizing: #shrinkWrap;		
  vResizing: #shrinkWrap;		
  addMorph: tm.

  World addMorph: border.

Further decisions to make include:


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