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Tutorial Projects
Last updated at 1:40 am UTC on 21 December 2013
This is a page to coordinate tutorials in progress. For a list of Squeak tutorials, see Squeak Tutorials.

Please put down your ideas about tutorials in general and in particular. What do you think is a valuable base to build on, where are things severly missing?

Tutorials in progress

Everybody working on a tutorial is kindly asked to put in a note here.

Tutorials in planning

Incomplete and Abandoned Tutorials

Ideas for tutorials - general and specific

Defined tasks for tutorials

Please add here a description of a more elaborated version of an above ideas, ideally with on an new wiki page with description, questions and subtasks added.

Tutorials being tested

Please fill in which documentation or tutorials you have used and write down your comments. (including questions on parts which are not clear.)

Recently finished tutorial tasks