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Documentation - tasks to do (Historical)
Last updated at 7:16 am UTC on 5 April 2007

Here is a list of volunteers to the documentation project:

Add your name and email to volunteer
  1. Brent Vukmer bvukmer@blackboard.com
  2. Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist _at_ bluewin.ch
  3. Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001@yahoo.com.ar
  4. Doug Clapp dclapp@qwest.net
  5. Chris Burkert - chbu - chris@chrisburkert.de
  6. Torsten Bergmann TBn@phaidros.com
  7. Giovanni Giorgi jj@objectsroot.com
  8. Dan Ingalls Dan@SqueakLand.org
  9. Richard Staehli rstaehli@acm.org
  10. Jeffrey Edgington jedgingt@du.edu
  11. John Voiklis voiklis@redfigure.org
  12. John Pfersich jp1660 at att dot net
  13. Tom Koenig tomkoenig@mindspring.com
  14. Jack Keel jhkeel@wiscDOTedu
  15. Matthew Fulmer tapplek@gmail.com

How to help us document Squeak

Note to Volunteers: At the bottom of this page are signatures. hjh does this cool thing where he has a signature and a personal page. He can sign pages with just hjh and you can follow the link to his personal page. Try it! You might want to do the same.

The page Documentation Team Diary (Historical) reflects the current activity of the team.


The points are not numbered; this implies that the order is not important - we take anything what is done.

Areas of documentation


Important internal links specific to documentation