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Paul Bennett
Last updated at 11:03 pm UTC on 9 April 2007
Who am I?
As of joining the Squeak Documentation team, I am a noob hobbyist programmer. In my many work related roles over the past years I've managed programmers for multiple web based projects and have always been interested in "getting my hands dirty". Not wanting to learn multiple languages my research took me from the popular PHP to Python to Ruby to Smalltalk. To be more specific, Ruby on Rails had my attention for a while before I found Seaside, and Smalltalk - and Squeak!

I have side interests in Information Architecture and Social Network Analysis. I have a twinkle in my eye to re-create useful tools for these topics within Smalltalk.

However, my primary interest is learning Smalltalk in the Squeak environment and documenting that. Encapsulated with that is also documenting Seaside and Pier - as I believe these products in particular will attract a LOT of attention to Squeak. It is in regards to all the forementioned that I am currently working on the Squeak Documentation Team.

Where to look for more information...

Courses in Smalltalk

Last updated: 2007.04.08