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Documentation Tools Project
Last updated at 12:22 am UTC on 8 April 2007
The goal of this project is to make better tools for documenting Squeak.

First, a Warning

This project is the least critical of the doc team's projects, but it is probably the most fun. There is a slight, dark tendency within the Squeak community to make tools and then never use them. This tendency is partially responsible for giving some people the idea that Smalltalkers are elitists with no real-world worries. Documentation work is noble, and the right tools can make it easier. However, we must not fall into the trap of doing only the fun part of the task (building tools), and not the important part (writing helpful documentation). As Ron points out, it is all too easy to do

There are two tools used to manage a lot of Squeak Documentation:

Web interface to Squeak's comments

After a discussion on IRC with Ken Causey, I decided it is a really good idea to make a web-interface to Squeak's comments. Stephane Ducasse affirmed this in an email sent soon after.

Other Ideas

If you have a good idea for a documentation tool, put it here. The Squeak Documentation Team may pick it up at a later date.