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Last updated at 1:46 pm UTC on 7 January 2022
A PasteUpMorph object (BorderedMorph subclass: #PasteUpMorph) has the following properties:

Note: It is possible to have worlds in worlds and, starting with 2.9a, multiple active worlds.

Implementation notes

Version Squeak5.1-16548
PasteUpMorph allSelectors size 2143
BorderedMorph allSelectors size  1744
Morph allSelectors size 1713

A lot of methods might be be refactored into specialized classes.

Looking at the instance variables, we see that a world can have a presenter and a model and much other stuff like a background or some not yet working (or again broken) things like support for hypercard-like stacks. More important are the variables of the WorldState.

PasteUpMorph >> 

buildWorldMenu: evt
	^(TheWorldMenu new
		world: self
		project: (self project ifNil: [Project current])       "mvc??"
		hand: evt hand) buildWorldMenu.


A PasteUpMorph object: state and methods

 InspectorBrowser openOn: PasteUpMorph new.