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Mark Schwenk
Last updated at 1:00 am UTC on 7 February 2013
Mark Schwenk, President of WellThot Inc., is an independent consultant developing custom software for small businesses using Squeak. Mark has also done contract programming using IBM VisualAge Smalltalk and Cincom VisualWorks for some Fortune 500 companies.

Mark participated in SqueakEnd '00 and Camp Smalltalk San Diego and Annapolis. He has worked on porting the CVST and Glorp projects to Squeak and helped Bob Hartwig a wee bit with the Squeak Refactoring Browser user interface.

Mark's email address is mas at wellthot.com. His Smalltalk pages are at http://smalltalk.wellthot.net/ (currently offline). His main company website is http://www.wellthot.com/