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Setting up a Morphic project
Last updated at 5:52 pm UTC on 2 January 2022
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Note: Add info for TestRunner.

What we want to do: We want to set up a sandbox to play in for the rest of this self-study course. We will create a Morphic project (more see MorphicProject). In that project, we will place some basic windows:

These we will use right away. We will also add the Package Loader, the S-Unit Test Runner and a Bug Fixes Archive Viewer windows (Note: Bug Fixes Archive Viewer is no longer used, go for Monticello instead).

These are for later use, when we become contributing members. We fuss around a lot with the appearance and layout of our project. We're just trying to get comfortable in Squeak. We make sure to save our image with the project so we can get get back in as often as we want. This will give us most of the tools we need to do our work as we do Squeak development.

What you should know before doing this exercise

If you haven't already done so, read the Welcome To window that appears when you open a fresh image.

Also do the following tutorial http://www.phaidros.com/DIGITALIS/englisch/sqk/sqk00013.htm and the next 10 pages. NOTE - this link is broken

The exercise

Verify you got it

prior selfStudy next

Feedback - Please, update this page with corrections and comments This is a Wiki, so feel free to make corrections/extensions to the instructions above. Also feel make suggestions comments below. The more specific your comments the better.