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restart with keyboard commands
Last updated at 4:31 pm UTC on 6 November 2005
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What we want to do: For Windows users in particular, Squeak keyboard commands are sometimes confusing. We want to be sure we know all of the common keyboard commands that Squeak uses. We should be able to follow instuctions from all the other pages/books regardless of what terms they use. We want to be able to execute commands and save our work. We want to be able to interrupt a long running process.

What you should know before doing this exercise
What is the World Menu? What are Context Menus? How do I select something, bring up a menu or bring up a halo? Or in other words, what are the red, yellow and blue buttons? What does the alt- or cmd- keys modifier mean? How do I execute some code and commit my changes? Or to put it another way, how do I "do-it", "print-it", "inspect-it" and "save-it"? How do I interupt execution if its "taking too long" ?
If you want additional review, these topics are also covered by and by in the first three pages or so.

The exercise

Verify you got it

Feedback - Please, update this page with corrections and comments This is a Wiki, so feel free to make corrections/ extensions to the instructions above. Also feel make suggestions comments below. The more specific your comments the better.