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ProjectLoading steps
Last updated at 1:48 pm UTC on 29 June 2018
The steps for loading a Project, which constitute the main program for this issue, so to say, are in the class method

of the class ProjectLoading.

This class has no instance methods, thus actually the class object (class name ProjectLoading) does the job of loading a project saved in a pr file.

The "main program" for loading projects

 openName: aFileName 
 stream: preStream 
 fromDirectory: aDirectoryOrNil
 withProjectView: existingView 
 clearOriginFlag: clearOriginFlag

 	"Reconstitute a Morph from the selected file, presumed to
 represent a Morph saved via the SmartRefStream mechanism, and open it
 in an appropriate Morphic world."
    	| morphOrList archive mgr substituteFont numberOfFontSubstitutes resultArray anObject project manifests dict |

 	(self checkStream: preStream) ifTrue: [^ self].


 	ProgressNotification signal: '0.2'.

 	archive := preStream isZipArchive
 		ifTrue:[ZipArchive new readFrom: preStream]
 	archive ifNotNil:[
 	manifests := (archive membersMatching: 'manifest').
 	(manifests size = 1 and: [((dict := self parseManifest: manifests first contents) at: 'Project-Format' ifAbsent: []) = 'S-Expression'])
 		ifTrue: [
 			^ (self respondsTo: #openSexpProjectDict:stream:fromDirectory:withProjectView:)
 				ifTrue: [self openSexpProjectDict: dict stream: preStream fromDirectory: aDirectoryOrNil withProjectView: existingView]
 				ifFalse: [self inform: 'Cannot load S-Expression format projects without Etoys' translated]]].

 	morphOrList := self morphOrList: aFileName stream: preStream fromDirectory: aDirectoryOrNil archive: archive.

 	morphOrList ifNil: [^ self].


 	ProgressNotification  signal: '0.4'.

 	resultArray := self fileInName: aFileName archive: archive morphOrList: morphOrList.

 	anObject := resultArray first.
 	numberOfFontSubstitutes := resultArray second.
 	substituteFont := resultArray third.
 	mgr := resultArray fourth.

 	preStream close.


 	ProgressNotification  signal: '0.7'.

 		"the hard part is over"
 	(anObject isKindOf: ImageSegment) ifTrue: [

 		project := self loadImageSegment: anObject
 			fromDirectory: aDirectoryOrNil
 			withProjectView: existingView
 			numberOfFontSubstitutes: numberOfFontSubstitutes
 			substituteFont: substituteFont
 			mgr: mgr.

 		project noteManifestDetailsIn: dict.

 		project removeParameter: #sugarProperties.

 		Smalltalk at: #SugarPropertiesNotification ifPresent: [:sp |
 			sp signal ifNotNil: [:props | 
 				project keepSugarProperties: props monitor: true]].
 		clearOriginFlag ifTrue: [project forgetExistingURL].


 		ProgressNotification  signal: '0.8'.

 			^ project
 				ifNil: [self inform: 'No project found in this file' translated]
 				ifNotNil: [ProjectEntryNotification signal: project]].

Project current openViewAndEnter: anObject