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Squeakland images
Last updated at 1:37 am UTC on 23 October 2017
Home page of Squeak Etoys is http://squeakland.org/.

The Squeakland images were an early fork of Squeak. A important cross-merge was done during the development of 3.8.
See graphic below done by Bert Freudenberg in 2004, left hand side. (Release Notes for 3.8)


All Squeakland images up to version 5.0 have the 6502 format. http://squeakland.org/download/

At the beginning of the development of Squeak6.0a code from the Squeakland image was merged into Squeak6.0a trunk. LegacyImageSegment enables Squeak6.0a to load pr files saved from a Squeakland image.