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Chris Norton
Last updated at 10:10 am UTC on 15 November 2005
Hello Friend!

OK. Who is Chris??? Well, I'm a software developer/architect, a fantasy & science fiction book enthusiast, an avid weightlifter, an amateur guitarist and an all around great guy! Well, I try to be those things anyway... :-)

I graduated from Concordia College, in Moorhead Minnesota, in 1992. After 5 years of searching & taking as many classes as I could, I wound up with a Bachelors of Arts in Honors English and Computer Science, with minors in Mathematics and Spanish. Boy was that fun! I just wish I could do that again!

I've worked for Kronos, Inc. (http://www.kronos.com), since 1994. Kronos is the leading provider of frontline labor management solutions. We are the most financially stable vendor with the highest level of industry knowledge and the widest array of products and services. We've got Java openings. Send me an e-mail at chrisn@kronos.com and I'll make sure your resume gets some attention!

My friends & coworkers can tell you that I am a huge Squeak & Smalltalk proponent. I don't believe I can adequately describe to you how much better my software career is and how much better my coding/design/ingenuity has become since I started working full time in Smalltalk (in 1995). Smalltalk is a language that lets you concentrate on the problems you're solving; it is almost bereft of the useless hours spent on the "mechanics of programming". I shudder to think of how much time I wasted on such trivial tasks (like linked lists, file maintenance, etc.). My heartfelt thanks go out to Alan Kay & Dan Ingalls for their vision and huge contributions to the computing world!

Well, I hope to post something a bit more interesting in the future!

If I had more time in the day, I'd spend it Squeaking...

Squeak on friend!

===> Chris

chrisn@kronos.com (work)
christobal_1@yahoo.com (home)

Here is a tidbit I submitted to the Squeak user's mailing list:

[ENH] Singleton - (Singleton class) this is an implementation of the Singleton pattern. Here's the changeset: Missing File (/squeak/uploads/Singleton.cs)