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Last updated at 7:24 pm UTC on 4 October 1999

OSProcess for Unix Squeak - Version 0.4

This is an interim release which corrects several errors and adds some new features. Version 0.3 was built on a lib5 based Linux system, and did not properly implement image forking. This version corrects the error, allowing OSProcess to function correctly on newer Linux systems and on FreeBSD.

This version relies on a hacked copy of an old sqXWindow.c from the Squeak 2.4 release. I will put out an update as soon as updated Unix VM source code is available.

See the "utilities" and "examples" categories in UnixProcess and OSProcess for several new utility methods and entertaining examples.

See Readme-OSProcessV0.3 for the original release notes for OSProcess.

Binaries are provided for the following platforms:
Linux-2.2.10 (SuSE 6.2 distribution)
Linux-2.0.35 (SuSE 5.2 distribution)
FreeBSD-2.2.6 (Walnut Creek CDROM distribution)

Run your favorite Squeak 2.4 or 2.5 image using one of these sets of binaries, then file in OSProcess.4Octo1251pm.cs, and give it a try.

Mon Oct 4 16:06:58 EDT 1999 Dave Lewis